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New from the acclaimed travel publisher: A magazine dedicated to inspiring road trips, outdoor adventure and cultural discovery. This inaugural issue of WILDSAM brings you iconic highways, starry skies and creative spirits from all across America.


Does anything top the feeling of a road trip’s first moments? The rig is packed, the road is open, and you have nothing to worry about but the first snack stop. Join WILDSAM on our new adventure, in a debut magazine featuring: 

+ Route 66, and the modern-day people of the most famous American road

+ A century of road-trip innovations and travel inventions that changed how we roll

+ Grammy winner Jason Isbell’s real-deal take on touring life

+ A gem of a backroads restaurant in the Mississippi Delta

+ Scenic journeys from California to Florida and beyond

+ Reviews and news on top-tier vehicles and gear

+ A journey to find the most stunning night skies in Texas

And, as they say, much more. We’d love to have you on the journey—but we’ve got dibs on the Twin Bing.

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